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Millennial Parents Live in the Ization Nation

We get asked all the time what is it about the Millennial generation that makes them so different. Aside from their ability to navigate through digital, mobile, and social environments with ease, Millennials have the strongest desire among all consumer groups to have personalized, democratized, and customized brand experiences (see what we did there – Ization Nation?). What exactly does that mean? Essentially, Millennials do not want to be considered just another face in the crowd. In order to connect with this powerful group of consumers, you must make an effort to connect with the individual and create personal experiences that Millennials can share with their networks. Continue reading

Nike and Google Help Millennials Express Their Individuality, Together

Millennials, defined as consumers between the ages of 18 and 34, are more influential than some may give them credit for. Nearly 80+ million strong, these young adults are redefining what we thought we knew about the marketplace. The Millennial generation is overwhelmingly invested in participating in the entire brand experience from start to finish and expect brands to involve them in the creation of marketing, the brand journey, and even the product itself. Their extreme involvement in the brand ecosystem has led to a revision of what we once thought was the ultimate brand value equation. Continue reading